A Surprise from Tesla

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Tesla's stock price has soared due to optimism on several future developments. Among them are:

  • Markets in Europe
  • Markets in China
  • Model X release
  • A $35,000 model (model E?)
  • Good margins

So I was wondering if there may possibly be anything left they could pull off to warrant an even higher stock price and faster growth potential - a surprise from Tesla. I think I've got it.

Two announcements hint at higher capacity batteries readying for the market. GM R&D Boss Hints At Tesla-Surpassing Batteries and Tesla Hints At Eventual 500-Mile Battery. I think that before the model E is in production, the model S and X will receive a battery upgrade and/or significant price reduction. This would bring in more buyers from the existing market (being more comfortable with a 500 mile range) and buyers who can now afford the 265 miles vehicle previously out of their price range.

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